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Discover a wide-ranging variety of Kansas City Craigslist Pets advertisements on our premium marketplace. Search Kansas City Craigslist Petstrade goods, offerings, and more in your community area. Join our dynamic network today!

Craigslist Scam Allows Thieves to Get Away With Selling Stolen Dogs

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo reports on the possibly increasing trend of "dog-flipping."

Scammers using Craigslist to sell dogs

A Kansas City rescue group is trying to get the word out on scammers using Craigslist to sell dogs.

Craigslist Ad Posting Tutorial - Without Getting Flagged [ Puppies Ads ]

Craigslist Ad Posting Tutorial - Without Getting Flagged [ Puppies Ads ] Craigslist is an awesome website for buying and selling items locally. But posting ads can be time-consuming, so in this video I show you how to post your own ads on Craigslist and how to avoid getting flagged on craigslist with just a few clicks of the mouse! Contact us for more information: Goodpost50@gmail.com Call: 310-929-7184 How to post Craigslist ads on Pet...

Woman selling exotic dogs gets into gunfight with men trying to steal the pups

A South Florida woman was nearly killed over two dogs she was selling.

Searching your city on Craigslist

If you're hunting for a job, searching for a house or apartment, looking for garage sales, computer components, electronics, records or just looking for a laugh, craigslist has something to offer. But first, you'll need to find your local craigslist page. Molly McDonald shows us how to do just that. A Internet tutorial by butterscotch.com.

Petsmart customer sets birds free

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Craigslist Puppy

Craigslist Puppy

Pawdentify your pet

A new take on an old method of identifying our pets. ◂ 41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and investigative reports from both sides of the state line. We are Kansas City's Breaking News leader, bringing you the area's most accurate forecast and the latest sports coverage from KC's best team. For more download the 41 Action News mobile app: iPhone: bit.ly/iOS-kshb Android: bit.ly/kshb-android

REACTING TO PARROT CRAIGSLIST ADS! *how do I adopt them all*

Birds are often surrendered on Craigslist when owners can no longer care for them. That’s when things get messy... 🦜MY FLOCK🦜 💙Bluebell - blue budgie 💛Ducky - lutino cockatiel 💚Kermit - yellow-sided green cheek conure 💖Pearl - albino budgie 💜Violet - blue budgie MY AMAZON LISTS FOR BIRDS (products I use and recommend): amazon.com/shop/livelaughbirds MY MERCH: teespring.com/stores/elleandthebirds INSTAGRAM: ...

Craigslist Kansas City Missouri - Used Cars, Trucks and Vans for Sale by Owner

waltermartinsales.com/craigslist-used-cars-for-sale/ - The summer months are here and millions are looking for used cars at low prices. Some are seeking Craigslist Kansas City Missouri used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for sale by owner. This help video shows you ways to find the lowest prices.

Grocery shopping with the kids!

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Craigslist- How to Post- Renew - and place animal for adoption

facebook.com/furrynationsalvation We do have an email with all the tools to help you succeed in finding your unwanted pet a great home. Feel free to email us and we will send it to you (FurryNationSalvation@hotmail.com) Let's keep our pets our of the shelters! They do best in their own environment while placement is found. In this tutorial- We show you how to post your unwanted pet, what to place in your ad, how to renew it (super important),...

Kansas City Woman Loses Hundreds to Online Kitten Sale Scam

She was devastated after losing her cat, but then she lost hundreds, almost thousands, of dollars, thanks to a convincing website claiming to sell exotic kittens.

Aww puppies playing

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