Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

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Lake Rebecca Park Reserve | Three Rivers Park District

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Hitting The Trails: Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Parks and trails in the Three Rivers Park District are still open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Day hike - Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Hike around Lake Rebecca, Minnesota. S1/E6 Links **Instagram: **Twitter: **Facebook: **Gaia GPS: #adventure #camping #hiking #backpacking #dayhike #happytrailbackpacking #trail #campgrounds #outdoors #explore #travel #nature #naturephotography #outside #forest...

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve - Rockford, MN - Visit a Playground - Landscape Structures

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve hosts a beautiful nature-inspired big woods-themed playground. Kids will be able to climb through the big Log Crawl Tunnel and zip down the log-themed slide, while an eagle watches overhead. A kiddie Cabin will invite visitors inside to explore and find animal friends. This playground is truly a space where kids' imaginations will soar!

A nature walk in Lake Rebecca Park Reserve - #9

Mark and I take a nature walk through Lake Rebecca Park Reserve on the west side of Hennepin County. We discuss the location, our equipment, and our apparel, in addition to noting the things we see on the trail.

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve 7-30-2022

We're I go to get away from the human race.

Memorial Day Adventure - Biking and Fishing at Lake Rebecca Park

Come along as we bike the single track on our mountain bikes, cast for fish, and get a glimpse of a Northern Pike from the dock. Fun Memorial Day Adventures!

Lake Rebecca

Apreview of the trail at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. Not a huge trail but fun for a short ride.

Canoeing Lake Rebecca

Lake Rebecca, Rockford, MN (half hour from Minneapolis) May 27, 2022 ~1 or 2 hours Water was so clear you could see the fish swimming around. Not in the video since it was so far a way, but there was also a loon on the lake.

Lake Rebecca, Bertram Chain of Lakes, and Lake Maria State Park

First 3 hikes of 2021. Started at Lake Rebecca on Jan 1st. Then did Bertram Chain of Lakes at sun up on the 3rd, and went to Lake Maria in the afternoon. 21 miles of hiking for the year, and 3 of my 52 hikes I’m planning on completing this year.

Lake Rebecca Park Preserve Loop Trail

This is a loop trail of approximately 6.7-miles that makes a circuit of Lake Rebecca in Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Rockford, Minnesota. This ride is in the clockwise direction, beginning and ending where the trail crosses at Park Road, just east of the park's main entrance.

Lake Rebecca Singletrack / Bike Trails in Rockford, Minnesota / ERIK'S Local Trail Reviews

Our ERIK'S staffer checked out the amazing Singletrack at Lake Rebecca in Rockford, MN while wearing GoPros! Watch this fun video and then head over to our blog for more info: ******* Did you like this video? Be sure to… •Give it a thumb's up •Subscribe to our channel •Leave a comment (or question - we're happy to answer any questions you have about...

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

This is a short, fully paved track around Lake Rebecca. It would be a stretch to call this a hike, as it's more of a long walk, but it's a great place for beginners. If you're looking for something easy on your feet as you build up some endurance for hiking, this is the spot to start.