Lake Rebecca

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Lake Rebecca 2 Photograph by Jimmy Ostgard - Fine Art America

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I was told this trail has improved, was it worth the drive

It has been about two years since I'd been to Lake Rebecca. A subscriber told me that there were some new features added and that I should give it another shot. It looks like there have been a few updates and features added and the trails are running fast. Trailforks: Support the Channel: Bike Setup: Instagram: ...

2023 Race Recap Video - Lake Rebecca (Week #2)

Highlight video from the Minnesota Cycling Association's race at Lake Rebecca in 2023.

Lake Rebecca Mca Loop

Today we are going to be doing the Mca loop at Lake Rebecca with some jumps and drops.

Lake Rebecca Singletrack / Bike Trails in Rockford, Minnesota / ERIK'S Local Trail Reviews

Our ERIK'S staffer checked out the amazing Singletrack at Lake Rebecca in Rockford, MN while wearing GoPros! Watch this fun video and then head over to our blog for more info: ******* Did you like this video? Be sure to… •Give it a thumb's up •Subscribe to our channel •Leave a comment (or question - we're happy to answer any questions you have about...

Lake Rebecca | Rockford, MN

Lake Rebecca will be one of my most frequented (along with Bertram Lake) trails once we move into our house. Coming from Utah, I've been able to continue to find the love of mountain biking but in a more XC type fashion. When I ride Lake Rebecca, I take the longest route, roughly 13.5 miles. Its actually a pretty fun and fast route with being able to finish in about 1 hour and 15 mins. They do have some side features through out and since I've...

25lb Muskie. Lake Rebecca, MN

Caught in the middle of the lake at 2:05pm, with a heat index of 105 degrees, on the last cast of the day while we were heading back to the landing! There was no place large enough in the boat to lay it out flat for a proper measurement, but from the rough ones we got, it is at least 42 inches and probably a bit more with a very large girth. Length-to-weight charts make it out to be in the mid 20s for weight.

Memorial Day Adventure - Biking and Fishing at Lake Rebecca Park

Come along as we bike the single track on our mountain bikes, cast for fish, and get a glimpse of a Northern Pike from the dock. Fun Memorial Day Adventures!

Lake Rebecca mountain biking trails

This Feature is on their black diamond trail

Lake Rebecca Singletrack | Rockford, MN | Mountain Bike | Minnesota

July 2020 ride out in Rockford, MN in intense heat and complete with banal commentary from yours truly. This is a really mellow trail but I was happy to see that they have since added in some new features. The brand new rock garden section that goes around the tree is undoubtedly the most technical thing here and a welcome addition so thanks to MORC and the trail crew for that. Music by: Phoenecia Song: Melfad Album: Brownout Label: Schematic...


Girls fishing at Lake Rebecca

Hitting The Trails: Lake Rebecca Park Reserve

Parks and trails in the Three Rivers Park District are still open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lake Rebecca: get some miles in

Lake Rebecca. It's kind of a haul from our location compared to other metro trails. Good for: getting in a bunch of non technical training miles on your mtb; probably a great place for beginners; singlespeedability is high. For our taste, more features in the flow of the trail would elevate this one. Nearly all the technical challenge is off on little trail offshoots and doesn't feel connected. 0:00 cruising through Lake Rebecca 1:48 hydrate...

Are There Bigguns At Lake Rebecca In Hastings, MN #bassfishing #mnfishing #hmongfishing

Lake Rebecca is an electric motor only lake located next to the Mississippi River in Hastings, MN about 20 minutes south of Saint Paul MN. I've had success catching big bass in the previous couple of years. But the bite can be hit or miss. This is my second time fishing the lake this year. My first time out I only caught a few 1-2 pounders. Will I have more success this time?? Lures, Rod, and Reel Setups: Jig Setup - Megabass P5 Destroyer...