Store Bought Vs Neodymium Magnets

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SmCo Magnets vs Neodymium Magnets | Stanford Magnets

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Buyer's Guide: Your first neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnets are so powerful that you should watch this before buying one. I give guidelines for size, shape, grade and coating. In this way you hopefully will have a good start with a nice beginner magnet. Lin to video with the Macho Set: Link to detailed safety sheet: Link to shown sample sets (European shipping only): I have no personal experiences with...

Buyer's Guide: Grades of Magnets

Beer, vodka and magnets? Sounds like the recipe for disaster but that's what I'll use to explain grades of magnets! It's important to know about grades when shopping for neodymium magnets. In this video I tell you about the basics of it and compare the powers of ferrite- and neodymium magnets. Feel free to ask questions if you need help or in doubt. Music credit for the outro: 'Junkyard Tribe' by Kevin MacLeod ISRC: USUAN1200021 ...

Getting Free Neodymium Magnets from HDD

Monster magnet meets monster magnet... Shorts#

Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

I pull my face mask off with a giant neodymium magnet See the full video here: Subscribe to my main channel here: #shorts

Ceramic vs Neodymium Magnets

Which of these two common magnet materials is better? Let's find out! Read more here: Make sure to subscribe for more magnet related videos! From experiments, to DIY projects, to smash videos, we've got it all! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website:

New King of Magnetic Power | Electromagnet vs. Neodymium Magnet

After playing and experimenting with permanent neodymium magnets for over a decade, it is time to take the first steps into the world of electromagnets! In this initial video, I will run some basic tests and compare it to a neodymium magnet of similar size. Will I like the electrical version of magnets? The F71 Teslameter donated earlier by Lake Shore Cryotronics: ...

It is the strongest magnet 🧲 in the world - Neodymium Magnet #shorts #magnet

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Giant Neodymium Monster Magnet vs Blood! It's Attracted!

In this video I show you how blood is attracted to a giant neodymium monster magnet! I show you some of blood's magnetic properties and then I show you what happens when we burn it! Does it make it more or less magnetic? Get your Action Lab Box Now! Get the Action Lab experiment book here Amazon: Barnes and Noble: Follow me on Twitter: Facebook: ...