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Texas Roadhouse - Paducah - Partake in Paducah

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KY: Texas Roadhouse employee who biked 3 hours to work gifted a car

(NBC) Imagine riding a bike in the heat for three hours every day just to get to work. That was a reality for one man who works at Texas Roadhouse in Paducah, Kentucky, but lives in Livingston County, about 30 miles away. His commute just got a whole lot easier after the community paid it forward. Adams said he has to work to support his family, but now his work family and community are the ones supporting him. It started when Texas Roadhouse...

Texas Roadhouse/PPS Employee of the Month Cornell Shack Shackelford

Paducah Public Schools bus driver Cornell "Shack" Shackelford received the Texas Roadhouse Employee of the Month award for November in a ceremony today at the Transportation Annex. The Employee of the Month award recognizes outstanding staff who demonstrate excellence at their job, and show leadership, dedication, and community involvement. Employee of the Month recipients receive a Certificate of Excellence, recognition at school and Texas...


Join me for a fun Kid's Night Craft and then show me what you make!!! Much love, friends!

Texas Roadhouse Stomp Towards the Cure Highlights 2014

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A Texas-style yeehaw!!!

Celebrating Matt's 83rd in Paducah, Kentucky

Texas Roadhouse Stomping Towards the Cure 2022 - June Eaton

Texas Roadhouse Paducah, KY Owner/Operator Joelle Long hosts the 9th annual Stomping Towards the Cure at Paducah Tilghman High School on December 10, 2022. This video will be a part of the event, a leukemia survivor, June Eaton, telling us about her experience.

10 Places in Texas You Should NEVER Move To

Howdy! Texas is the Lone Star state where everything is great, right? Not always. LINK TO THE NEW CHANNEL: youtube.com/channel/UCaaUXch8Wm42KSdYh6p8ffA/ ^^*Please subscribe to the new channel. We'll be doing 90% of the new videos on that new channel, called Planet Snacks. It will be AMAZING!*^^ Just like every state in the USA, there’s good and a lotta bad. The goal today is to talk about the worst places you could live in Texas. These...

The History Of Andy The Armadillo, The Texas Roadhouse Mascot

Here is the 4th installment of my “History Of” series In this video I go over the history of Andy the armadillo, the mascot of Texas Roadhouse. This video idea goes back to March 2021 just after I found out that Kent Taylor, the founder of Texas roadhouse committed suicide. So I decided to make this video as a tribute to him, because even though I don’t like Texas roadhouse he was still a good man. I just want to thank all the websites and...

Finale Dance for Stomp Towards The Cure 2013

STTC PADUCAH FINALE! We will be dancing to Katy Perry-Roar

Unforgivable 3 sTexas roadhouse

Stek goes over how he just got a job at texas roadhouse and got fucked over while he was tryin to get his dick wet. Once again, white guy version, not as good as the others but still funny...and the voice is still off

What You Should Absolutely Never Order From Texas Roadhouse

People who love Texas Roadhouse keep coming back for the laid back atmosphere, the big cuts of steak, and the famous free peanuts, but there are some things on the restaurant’s menu that you should probably just avoid. Plenty of customers have held nothing back in their reviews of certain menu items, suggesting that the food is overcooked or old. In addition, employees have shared why there are certain menu items you should skip, and other...

Henderson & Paducah, KY

Check out the recap video of our stops in Henderson & Paducah, KY. Hear from amazing #RuggedEntrepreneurs. #RuggedRoadtrip

Join us Next Wednesday at Texas Roadhouse from 4-10 for Dinner #DailyDaryl

Texas Roadhouse here in Paducah has announced that next Wednesday night, September 27, 2017, they will donate all proceeds from the evenings meals to the victims of Hurricane Irma and Harvey. So come out and join us next week and contribute to these people. I know that I have been wanting to find a way to help and now is your chance. Hope to see you there and if I do come up and say hi. Thanks to Texas Roadhouse for doing this for our...