Zuzka Luna Muse Fusion At Art Serve 2011

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Zuzka Light - FitFusion

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Zuzka & Luna Muse Fusion at Art Serve 2011

Zuzka & Luna Muse Fusion at Art Serve 2011

Luna Muse Fusion Promo

musefusion.com My Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Luna-MuseFusion/211097895582158 My blog: musefusion.wordpress.com/ youtube.com/LunaMuseFusion

Bellydance Sirens

For Bookings: musefusion.com

MUSE FUSION 2013 Feasts with the Beasts Latin Fire Show

Muse Fusion performing a Latin/ Tropical World Fusion Fire show at Feast with the Beasts at Zoo Miami. Come see Muse Fusion every Saturday at Zoo Miami at their Music of the Americas. Showtimes 1 and 2 Jan-April Muse offers elegant and innovative dancers for all classy events. Bellydance, Bollywood, Samba, Hula, Tiki, Mermaids, Henna just to name a few. Booking info: musefusion.com tribalmuse@hotmail.com

Luna sword clip1

Luna dances sword improvisation to Harmonic Motion live. Benson barmitzva 2007. tribalgrrl.com

Luna Dance Fusion at Glitterball III

Luna Dance Fusion presents Glitterball III, the anti-Valentine's edition, which also happens to be one of Edmonton's most popular annual Vaudevillian variety shows featuring bellydance, burlesque, comedy and music. Video by the ever wonderful Kazoo Productions Luna is Saskia, Athena, Alissa, Catherine and Dahlia. Choreography by Saskia. Crooked Muse by Beats Antique. for performance and instruction go to wwwDOTlunadancefusionDOTcom