Hues of Blue

An aquatic theme in home interiors can rejuvenate and relax you

Bindu Gopal Rao

To provide a calming tone, there is nothing like blue. Home décor in shades of aqua is trending. Aquatic décor and ocean-themed wall art are some easy ways to add tones of aqua inspiration that can certainly do wonders for your home interiors.

True Blue

Blue is the ultimate sea-theme color, and giving your plain white walls either a blue or turquoise accent or painting the entire wall in hues of blue is a common beach décor idea that becomes a natural focal point.

“Try to incorporate rocks, corals and shells as part of the design theme,” said Mahesh Anand, president of the Decorative Division of Nippon Paint (India). “These can either be individual display objects on tables and shelves or wall arts and motifs in draperies. Sea-inspired wall prints can be achieved with fancy wall-stenciling options that are very economical too (example sea-creatures, mermaids, pirates, anchors, ships, submarines). Starfish or shell door knobs and curtain holders are other good options for aquatic decor. Similarly pillows, lampshades, bedspreads, ceramic wares that are soft white or gray highlighted with blue ocean-inspired prints add to the look. You can even add some sea-elements to your dining or dressing table in the form of nautical-striped napkins, fabrics with waves and swirls patterns, blue glassware, starfish candles, coral lighting and aquatic-themed cushions. Furniture made of natural wood and weaved materials act as neutrals in the room.”

Do it Right

Stick to subtle hues of ocean blues and sea greens on white and ivory backdrops when choosing ocean themed wall art. If you are using bright navy, indigo or turquoise accents make sure you blend it with natural wood, sandy-beige and natural textures, which will neutralize the whole look and reflect a beach environment. Walls and fabric that mimic wave and swirl patterns are great additions. Try to stick only with elements that fit with the beach theme and are not over-the-top. Avoid using loud and garish colors. Aquatic themes are symbolic of outdoor living. It is always recommended to work with a neutral base. The combination of color cyan and brown represent sea and sand and thus is one of the combinations that give a calming effect.

According to Amita Kanwar, design director and co-founder, Window Passions, “Adding nice and long, shiny drapes with aqua, brown, and white patterns or stripes will help make help the room seem bigger as well as classy. To complement them, nice-looking bamboo shades or roller blinds with surface applications could add a fine touch to the room’s design if you install them.”

Courtesy PxFuel

Ocean Calling

Bring in the oceanic breeze with small aquatic additions to your home décor with dipped in blue lights, to the marbled effect of waves against faux concrete on fixtures.

“Paper products with a flowy contour are reminiscent of the constant movement of water,” said Radeesh Shetty, director, The Purple Turtles. “Other additions could be drift wood terrariums, blue detailed mirrors, fish shaped fixtures and T-light holders.”

Aquatic elements allow you to bring in a hint of the sea and its serenity into your space.

“Adding aquatic elements in interior decor are always a great way to induce a calm oceanic continuity,” said Kiran Ranga, MD & master fragrance creator at Ripple Fragrances. “Small influential elements like a starfish-shaped diffuser, along with a coral-blue perfumed oil are perfect for an evening setup. Another great idea is to add aquatic floating perfumed sea-shell candles, in a living room or lobby to enhance spaciousness.”

If your budget does not give you scope for elaborate makeovers, try to bring in the blues with your own DIY projects, to give a personal take on aquatic decor.

“Turn empty wine bottles into pieces of art by layering them with beach sand, pebbles and coral pieces,” Anand said. “Old whiskey glasses can be converted to candle holders with starfishes and rocks added inside them to give a beach vibe. Alternatively, you can use pebbles, sands and seashells in custom-made photo frames and mirror linings.”

Combining these elements adds the perfect aquatic touch and a unique personal style statement. The aim is to create an open, vibrant and refreshing atmosphere mirroring the coastal set-up, and so give your home the blues you can love.